Ultimate low cost reliable biomass heating solutions


  • Output 10-14kW
  • Compact design
  • Integral 350 litre hopper

Type M

  • 3 boiler sizes covering outputs 20-80kW
  • 5 hopper sizes – 300-1400 litres
  • Solid fuel facility

Type M-CS

  • 20-80kW as M range
  • Works with external fuel storage & silos
  • Solid fuel facility

Type CS

  • 3 boiler sizes – 100-250kW
  • Twin combustion fans
  • Modulating Exhaust fan
  • Auto-ash removal & cleaning

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So why use Twinheat?

Twinheat is Denmark’s leading biomass boiler manufacturer and was established in 1980. Twinheat have a wealth of experience and have detailed knowledge of using many types of biomass as fuel for heating homes and businesses.

At Twinheat UK we have access to that knowledge and our own growing portfolio of Twinheat systems are providing low cost, low carbon, versatile and reliable heating solutions for businesses and individuals from Cornwall to Scotland.

Twinheat systems are installed and maintained by our highly trained local installation and servicing partners, using only manufacturer approved products and parts.

10 reasons why our customers choose Twinheat

  • 1 Quality: Over engineered in Denmark using only the best materials and most reliable components
  • 2 Robustness: Each boiler from the smallest to largest is made from 6mm steel plate and the fuel delivery system have been designed to cope with a wide range of fuels.
  • Versatility: Twinheat boilers can burn all types of different biomass fuels and a range of hopper sizes allows the customer to choose a package right for them.
  • 4 Simplicity: This is key to Twinheat’s reliability by default the less moving parts the more reliable the machine.
  • 5 Modulation: Twinheat’s software allows the boiler to seamlessly modulate from 100% down to 5%.
  • 6 Continuous duty: Unlike most European biomass boilers there is no run time limit which may invalidate the warranty, in fact the harder and longer it runs the better.
  • 7 Running costs: When taken into account the low cost of servicing and replacement parts along with saving in fuel, Twinheat boilers are one of the cheapest to run.
  • 8 Cost: The price of the boiler is for a complete unit and includes all the necessary components, there are no hidden extras.
  • 9 Aftersales: Twinheat pride themselves on their aftersales service.  It is very important as a small manufacturer that every unit installed is working to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • 10 Company: Twinheat UK is part of The Bioheat Group who are an established company, trading for 10 years, and who employ very friendly helpful staff.  Bioheat were around before the RHI and will be around long after.


Twinheat partners are fully trained renewable heating specialists in charge of assessing, installing and maintaining our market leading biomass heating systems. All our partners are trained at the

This ensures that the installation and service levels we pride ourselves on are well understood and adhered to every step of the way – from first site visit, to regular maintenance.

The ultimate low cost reliable biomass heating solution

All our systems are approved, emission tested and eligible for the government’s renewable heat incentive scheme, meaning you get paid to heat!

Why not join the thousands of domestic and commercial property owners across the country, enjoying the financial and environmental benefits of a biomass heating solution.

Core Product Features

35 year proven track record High quality finish

  • Can burn most dry organic material
  • Combination burning of solid and granular biomass
  • Continuous duty (no maximum runtime)
  • Solid construction (6mm plate)
  • Robust delivery augers
  • Efficient combustion controller
  • Step less modulation
  • Low turndown rate of 5%
  • Very few moving parts
  • Low cost replacement parts
  • Low cost servicing
  • Easy maintenance by customer
  • Replacement furnace for high acid fuels
  • Common parts throughout the range
  • Flue bypass for low summer demand
  • Clinker ejector for high slagging fuels
  • No maximum run hours to negate warranty